Renaissance Faire Photo Gallery

This fire-breathing, smoke-snorting dragon (shown here with fork, knife, and 4 operators) appeared regularly at the jousts to fight knights, eat virgins, attack the court, and generally cause mayhem. The audience knew it as "the Dragul", we all knew her as either "Sparky" or "Katyusha"

Smile Omms

Costume guru Rick Weber, backstage   Queen Catherine (Bodge) with the royal baby, before the dragon tried to eat it. On stage and off she's "a damn good sport."

Michael Colley (right). Games-Mogul at a dozen Renaissance Faires, commander of the short-lived Commando Tech Crew, and all-around great guy.

An "unidentified" tech at the Faire
(I told that shutterbug I was busy)

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