A Kind of Barometer

By David Kessler

In This Installment:  A busy week in March, lightened by corporate marketing

This is a busy season at work - trying to get 3 major international trips and a half dozen minor ones out the door, along with the various conferences, symposia, functions, special events, and inquiries that come through here with their small-print contracts, requisitions, registrations, change orders, indemnification clauses, etc.

This is also the season for the charity fundraiser "Daffodil Days" - and my boss very nicely bought some for everyone in the department.  They appeared yesterday on each of our desks, stuck into tall cups of water.  Mine are in an "Au Bon Pain" cup.

As the different crises of yesterday and today have come and gone, it has been useful (read: been a small source of sanity-promoting humor) to turn the cup to show either "au bon" or to show "pain".  Yesterday, there was more pain than bon.  How good of that vendor to supply a barometer within their logo.

This morning's threat level is:  bon

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