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Mal   W. Wilberforce
Mal operated his Deli for 24 years before its closing in the fall of 1999.  It was a fantastic little place to get breakfast and good natured backtalk from Mal and his crew.  When he closed up shop, BU alumni everywhere sent well-wishes and a reporter to his door.   William Wilberforce has the only memorial in Westminster Abbey with a devious grin on it; like he not only stole the cookie jar, but loosened the tops of a thousand salt shakers.  I have no idea why England's famous abolitionist should de sculpted this way, and neither did any of the guides or Vergers I asked.

Lena U.
I first met the German-born Lena Ulrich in Jordan a number of years ago and we seranaded the Bedouin at al-Deir in Petra. She roamed through the Arab world, through America, and the last I heard, she was in Spain.  Hey, Lena, are you still out there?

Bow Sim Mark
Bo Sim Mark is the founder of and primary teacher of Boston's Chinese Wushu Research Institute.  She specializes in "internal styles" (such as Leung Yi, Pa Kua, Tai Chi, and Hsing Yi) and in the double-edged sword. Those who know her or have seen her performances consider her one of Boston's living treasures.

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