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"Match me such a such a wonder, save in eastern clime, A rose-red city half as old as time."  (Dean Burgeon)

Not all the monuments and facades in Petra are treated seriously

  Detail from inside the Khasnat al-Faroun, one of the few monuments to have detailed carving inside its facade.   A monument in the outer siq notable for the interesting collection of arches surrounding its door; Nabatean carvers generally used right angles and triangles.  This facade uses a rounded arch between the 2 other types.  

Excavations and restoration are underway at the Great temple, inside the tenemos gate.  Only a very small portion of Petra's total monuments have been fully excavated.


An ibex (symbol of the Israeli Society for the Preservation of Nature), met along the snake-path to Masada   Inside one of Masada's water cisterns: Sandstone, plaster, and one shaft of brilliant light from the considerably hotter world outside

A Bedouin woman looking out over Petra

A Bedouin boy met in Petra

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